I met Pedro Barrento a year or so ago through social networking. A native of Mozambique, his newest novel is Marlene and Sofia. Pedro is one of the more engaging writers I’ve met and I recommend you check out his newest offering.


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About Marlene and Sofia

A writer struggles to finish a book that someone else started writing,
battling to weave his own characters and plot into the pre-existing

A group of well-off old people in a retirement home seek relief from
boredom by using an internet service which allows them to live out
their fantasies virtually. Two working-class men, one young and
disenfranchised, one a lifelong Communist, discuss their differing
world views. An unstable computer genius and a control freak banker
form an uneasy alliance to launch a new internet sensation, while the
free-spirited girlfriend of one of them, Marlene, wreaks havoc
wherever she goes. In the midst of this confusion, her best friend
Sofia searches for a kinder, simpler way of life.

All these stories gradually interconnect in the most unexpected ways…

By turns cynical and romantic, satirical and unexpectedly sweet,
Marlene and Sofia – A Double Love Story reflects the sexual and
political contradictions of contemporary living as well as introducing
a whole new concept of eroticism for the twenty-first century.


About Pedro Barrento

Pedro Barrento was born in Mozambique in 1961. He has written two
books: The Prince and the Singularity – A Circular Tale and Marlene
and Sofia – A Double Love Story.

I asked an interesting questions on my Facebook author’s page: If you could go back in time and tell your 17 year old self one thing, and one thing only, what would it be? There were many interesting responses. Here are a few: 


Chris Brown Do everything.

Monica T. Davies I love you.

Elisabeth Lelong Trust in yourself

Randall Drum Quit smoking. Now.

Samuel Miller Buy Apple stock.

Erin Bryant Enjoy the journey no matter where it takes you.

Tim McWhorter Have more confidence in yourself and not take 35 years to finally go after my dream.

Leslie Mitzlaff Oller Open your eyes and realize what is truly important. 

And what would I tell my 17 year old self? Don’t stop running. Keep putting in the miles. 


What would you tell yourself?


Picture courtesy of Rachel Short, Keep Louisville Literary Hour

This morning I was interviewed by Rachel Short on ARTxFM as part of the Keep Louisville Literary Hour. The station is currently an online only station, but which hopes to soon have their own frequency in Louisville, Kentucky. The interview was an enjoyable one as Rachel asked questions about my writing, character development and my views on feminism. I read three excerpts from the The Watchers and only screwed up a few times.The archived version will be available soon and I will make sure to link it here. I do a lot of events promoting my work. I can honestly say I enjoyed this interview better than almost all of them. They are very avant garde and will now be part of my daily listening pleasure. I recommend you give them a try.


My mother passed away this weekend. I knew a day would come when I would likely write those words. But not this weekend. My mother, Nancy Dee Long, suffered from a blood disorder known as Poly Vera. She battled the disease for nine years and was doing well. but about one in five people with Poly Vera transition to Acute Leukemia. After a weekend where mom had my twin girls and two other cousins out for a sleep over, she felt great.

Then on Wednesday she became ill and late on Thursday, was admitted to the hospital. Things moved fast and by Saturday morning, mom was gone. The illness hit her like a speeding freight train and there was little anyone, doctor or otherwise, could do.

My mother was an incredible woman. She worked hard, laughed easy and loved well. Raising three boys she kept us in line and was our safety blanket when anything went wrong.

But what I will remember most about my mother, is her sense of humor. Even with a deadly disease ravaging her body, she found a way to smile and worry more about others than herself. She joins her brother, Skippy, and sister-in-law Sandy, in heaven. I can imagine the reunion.

One memory I have of the two of them is from when I was  around the age my girls are now, about ten. I was playing Chinese Checkers with Mom, Skip and my brother and cousin. It looked like mom was going to win and she started to needle my uncle. Skippy then put one of his marbles in her home base. My mother told him he couldn’t do that, to which my uncle had me read out the rules from the box top. No mention of not being able to make such a move. When my mother pointed out he wouldn’t be able to win, he responded neither woulds she. A few moves later, I won and we started over. My mother’s first order was to move a marble into Skippy’s home base. Everyone laughed.

I will miss my mother. I love her very much. I choose to celebrate the happy memories we all shared with her, than dwell on our tremendous loss.  If your mom and dad are still with you, call them today. Hug them as soon as possible. You never know when “the” weekend will come.

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