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River City Comic Expo

I had a great time at River City Comic Expo in Little Rock, Arkansas. Many thanks to Tommy Hancock of Pro Se Productions for the invitation. I enjoyed being across the way from Post Mortem Press head honcho Eric Beebe and local author Brad Carter.

I got to hang with Phillip Duncan, Kayla Larson and Jessica Fleming.  Gabriel Belthir and Angelia Sparrow made great neighbors.

And of course, there were the Cos Players.

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From The Hand of God to KSR

Kentucky Sports Radio is the largest sports blog in the country with millions of unique visitors to the site. Today, I was featured in an article by Josh Juckett. We met during FandomFest and discussed sports, writing and the life at a comic con. You can read the article here. Ask Me Anything

I will be on on the r/books subreddit, Tuesday August 18 from 9 a.m. until midnight. During an AMA you can ask me ANYTHING about ANYTHING and I have to do my best to answer. Knowing my friends, this could either be a blast or a disaster! Stop by and find out which.

I will discuss my books, Hydra Publications, attending comic cons and if I think Elvis is still alive. Really. or How To Waste Away Your Youth

Ancestory II

Family crack. That’s what has become to me. I’ve always been a history buff, but always other people’s history, particularly pre-WWI. My own family dealt with enough drama without me digging up things about past relatives.

However, I decided to give a try a few years ago and wasn’t a fan. Sure, there were plenty of things to check out, but the databases weren’t all that integrated or useful. Then again, perhaps it was user error. Entirely possible. I left my membership behind and never gave the site a second thought.

Until recently. The death of my mother made me more interested in where I came from and from whom. I recalled my old password, signed in and then it happened. I found stuff!

Within minutes I was looking at my parents marriage license and the changes began. I found out I was an oops baby. It makes no difference to me one way or the other, but it puts my earlier years into perspective.

The databases which I found unwieldy in the past, now work together incredibly well. In short order, I had my paternal line filled out. Now, I will have to verify the veracity of the links I’ve made, but that’s part of the fun. I do think the price of membership for world wide access is a bit high, but when you get hooked, you won’t care. You will pay the price. And love it!

FandomFest Day III

Another FandomFest is in the books and I’m exhausted.  I had a blast hanging with Stuart Thaman, Rebekah McAullife, Rachael Rawlings and Dave Creek at the Hydra Publicatioms table. Stephen Zimmer and Robin Blankenship once again did a fantastic job with the literary track.  Lee Martindale is the MC extraordinaire and a wonderful table mate.

I met a talented new writer, J.J. Sherwood, her husband Michael and cousin Alexandra. J.J. Even won the Cos Play contest. Well done.  

Speaking of Cos Players.  

And who ca

FandomFest Day II


FandomFest Day I

Fantastic day one at the Hydra Publications table with Rebekah McAuliffe and Stuart Thaman.  And the Cos Players.  I


Tales from a Rural Route: The Truck

Tales from a Rural Route are some of my memories growing up in rural Kentucky.

It was near the end of my junior year, circa 1980, and I met a girl. And like any red blooded American male should do, I asked her out on a date. Thankfully, she said yes. We made arrangements to go out the next Saturday.  I asked dad if I could borrow his car, a 79 Ford LTD II Coupe. Black with gray interior, a V-8 under the hood and a kick ass stereo, this car would flat out fly and looked good doing it. He said yes and I couldn’t wait for the weekend.

Then Saturday arrived and my father dropped the bad news: he and my mother decided to go out for the night and he would need the car. With a heavy heart, I called “the girl” and let he know the bad news. She asked if I had another car we could use. I glanced out the window and the only thing in the driveway was The Truck.  I’m pretty sure it was red in color, but with all the dents and rust, I couldn’t be sure. When I said all I had was a beat up old 67 Ford pickup, she said that would work.

I laughed and informed her I would never want to roll up to her house driving The Truck. What a first impression. But she was persistent and wanted to go to the movies and against my better judgement, I agreed.

A bit more on The Truck. It had power steering, meaning it required a lot of power to turn the wheel. It had so many dents that one night when I’d been run of the road driving The Truck, I plowed through several pine trees and my father couldn’t point out the new dents when he looked the next morning. The bed of the truck consisted of either rust or holes. Even split.

When I got to her house, her parents, thank the dear Lord, were not home. We made it to dinner and a movie and I managed to get her home a few minutes this side of her midnight curfew.

I walked her to the door. It was a beautiful night, the moon full, the sky cloudless and it seemed every star in the sky shined for us. We finally got to the moment where I needed to decide if I should kiss her goodnight. When she looked into my eyes, I knew the answer. With a slight smile, I slipped my hands around her waist, pulled her close, tilted my head towards her and–

A loud whistling noise rose from under the hood of my truck, high pitched and LOUD. Steam began to pour from under the truck, filling the night air. Every light in the house went on and a moment later, the door to the house opened and there stood her father.

He quickly introduced himself, grabbed a flashlight and had me pop the hood. Seems I had a hole in the hose from the water pump. He went back inside, got some duct tape and proceeded to patch the hole. Then he got a bucket of water and we tapped off the radiator.

He couldn’t have been nicer and he never mentioned the fact I’d taken his daughter out in a death trap. He shook my hand and then stood there, smiling and waiting for me to say good night to his daughter. I swallowed hard a few times, then offered her a wave, got into The Truck and rambled off into the night.

It would not be the last night we would drive the car she named Red Baron, but it would be the most memorable. I never had another first date quite like it.

FandomFest Panel Schedule


Some may come to FandomFest to see Carrie Fisher. I mean, who doesn’t love Princess Leia? Or maybe you’re a Jay and Silent Bob fan and want to get laid back with Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes. Hell, you might even be coming to meet the people who play the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Maybe.

But while you’re there, I also know you will want to stop by some &%# great panels: Marvel vs DC, Sherlock Holmes Movies vs Books or even Ask an Author Anything. Yep. I’ll be on several panels. Here is the current schedule, which is subject to adjustments.

Sherlock Holmes: Literature vs. TV and Movies
Room 203
Sherlock Holmes has a rich literary foundation and its modern appeal is proven with the explosion of TV and Movie properties. Come to a fun discussion with our authors about the world of Sherlock Holmes and the forms it has taken, as the panel contrasts the literary and TV/Movie realms. How has the character evolved? Differences and Similarities. Drugs? Mental health? Dr Watson in the USA version is a woman. Compare the Doyle VS Robert Downey Jr movies vs Sherlock (British) vs Elementary (US).
Robin Blankenship, Dave Creek, Virginia Jolly, Tony Acree, Lee Martindale, Kay Iscah

DC Vs. Marvel
Room 203
DC Vs. Marvel: A friendly-natured showdown with a clash of the titans! Come and support your side in this debate of the Marvel Vs. DC worlds. Which is stronger in today’s entertainment world? What distinguishes each of them? What are the weaknesses of each? What’s been happening since FandomFest last year in the Marvel and DC worlds? This will be an open discussion guided by published authors.
Tony Acree (M), A.E. McCullough, Virginia Jolly, Drew Leiter

Writers Interviewing Writers
Room 202
Come for a fun panel featuring a group of published writers, interviewing each other. Expect the unexpected when it comes to the questions!
Lee Martindale (M) Atty Eve, Mysti Parker, Jetti Necole, Tony Acree, J.H. Glaze, L. Andrew Cooper

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