The Speaker is now Live!


Tracking and killing demons is all part of the job for the Hand of God, Victor McCain, God’s bounty hunter. In this fast paced sequel to The Hand of God and The Watchers, Victor learns facing his inner demons may be deadlier than the real ones.

Turning to the bottle to drown out the memories of a lost love, he begins to take risks which could get him killed. One night, drunk and alone in a bar in Tennessee, he’s ambushed by members of the Church of the Light Reclaimed. He would have died in the attack, if not for a beautiful stranger named Elizabeth.

Later he learns the attack was orchestrated by an old nemesis, Preston Deveraux, and Cyrus Tyler, the new Speaker of the House of Representatives. Victor must lean on the alluring Elizabeth to find the truth behind their plans-only she has secrets of her own which could doom them both.

When yet another player shows up on the scene hunting Elizabeth, Victor must find a way to convince the two of them to work together to help him stop Tyler from reaching his ultimate goal: to throw the world into chaos and war.

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Star Chamber Show



The Star Chamber Show on Blog Talk Radio cranks back up tonight and I am honored to be the first guest of the season. Hosted by Seventh Star Press publisher Stephen Zimmer, you can count on the evening being a blast. Topics to be discussed will be my upcoming novel, The Speaker,  the other two books in the Victor McCain series, the latest news from Hydra Publications and how I’m not really Eric Beebe. Plus anything else which percolates through the mind of the talented Mr. Zimmer.  The show starts at 9 p.m. EST and you can call in and ask questions by dialing (619) 639-4616.

Anatomy of an Authors Fair

This Saturday I attended the That Book Place Fifth Annual Authors Fair in Madison, Indiana. Hosted by Frank and Kim Hall, the event featured over sixty authors selling and socializing. This was the first time the fair was held indoors, taking up residence at the Indiana National Guard Armory. Not having to fight the wind and the elements made life SO much easier. Plus they were able to use the kitchen to provide food for author and customer alike. And there were bathrooms!


Traffic was noticeably lower, but I believe that can be attributed to it being the first year in a new place. I think the fair will continue to grow and be better off for the switch. Once people learn where to find us, the fair will be in great shape.

While selling books was the main reason we were all there, the socializing came in a close second. Starting with the other Hydra authors who attended.

HydraAuthorsMorinda Montgomery, Dave Creek, Rebekah McAuliffe, Stuart Thaman and Rachael Rawlings all attended. We also got to hang out with other great publishers like Stephen Zimmer of Seventh Star Press out of Lexington, Kentucky and Eric Beebe of Post Mortem Press of Cincinnati, Ohio. Some even got Eric and I confused, calling us separated twins.



I love catching up with all the other authors who I don’t get to see often enough. We all see each other at the same events, and thankfully we all get along incredibly well. The Authors Fair will be a yearly stop on my book signing circuit.



I hit early March on a roll. My latest novel, The Speaker, was in final edits. I’d gotten a good jump on the start of the fourth  book in the series with ten-thousand words already written. My publishing house, Hydra Publications, had two books hitting the formatting stage of the process and would soon see publication. Then it happened.

Monday, March 13th, I got a barking cough from deep in my chest. Normally, I get a cough on the tail end of a sinus infection, which I’ve dealt with since I was a child. But this time I felt great otherwise. I texted my wife, who was out of town on business, I must be getting a cold. When she got home the following day, she found me in bed, buried under three blankets, freezing. I’d come down with a fever.

I gave it a couple of days, hoping it would pass, but by late Wednesday, I felt even worse. I made a doctors appointment the next day and got the diagnosis: pneumonia. I started on antibiotics that day, but it would be another week before I felt anything close to normal. It’s easy to see how this illness would kill people in the days before antibiotics. I felt like a giant had picked me up and slammed me down, several times over.

Needless to say, nothing in the world of books got done over the last few weeks. I believe tomorrow I will be able to crank up the word processor and begin to once again jump into the world of Victor McCain and the rest of the Scooby Gang. And I should be able to finally get the two latest Hydra Publication titles ready for Prime Time.

Thanks to everyone who helped cover over the last few weeks. Now my wife is dealing with the same illness. Say a few prayers, if you will, that the Twins don’t catch it.

Indianapolis Wizard World

I spent this past weekend selling books at the Indianapolis Wizard World Con at the Indiana Convention Center, Indianapolis, Indiana. I shared a table with Violet Patterson and her son, Chris Brown, his wonderful wife, Michelle and two of their sons, and Stuart Thaman. The four of us had a blast. I got to do a bit of driving, coming home on Friday to go to a Father Daughter Dance with my twin girls and on Saturday to go see The Kingsmen with my wife and neighbors. The folks at Wizard World did a fantastic job running the con, the first time Wizard World was held in Indy.

The booths around us were staffed by wonderful people, including Kristin, who ran the T-shirt booth next to us. She had her booth set up wonderfully, until her boss wanted it changed and *bam* his proposed changes didn’t work out. With help from Stu, Chris and myself, we helped get her up and running. Sorta.

IMG_0184 IMG_0031

And you can’t attend a con without cos play pictures. Without further ado…


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Ask an Author

Today I will be on the Ask an Author forum answering questions on small press publishing from 1:30-1:50 pm. Tomorrow morning, I will be on the forum from 10:40 until 11:30 am discussing my writing, movies, who I’d like to have at my ultimate poker game and anything else you guys can think up. If you have questions about The Hand of God, The Watchers, or my upcoming novel, The Speaker, drop by and ask away.