Victor McCain Thrillers


Bounty hunter Victor McCain always wondered how his brother, Mikey, went from down-n-out loser to one of Louisville’s richest men. Now he knew: his brother sold his soul to the Devil. And in twenty-four hours, Mikey would die and spend eternity in Hell unless Victor agreed to hunt down a thief, a woman as deadly as she is beautiful. On a journey of murder and betrayal, Victor must now put his own soul at risk to save his only brother, battle a dark underground organization with the goal of nothing less than a global war between Christians and Muslims, and fight creatures from man’s darkest nightmares. Then there’s the Hand of God, God’s own bounty hunter. In the end, will he be a friend or enemy? Only Heaven knows.

Book 1: The Hand of God

Book 2: The Watchers

Book 3: The Speaker

Book 4: Revenge

Short Story: Nightmare

Short Story: Back to Hell

Short Story: Lonnie, Me and the Hand of God

The Victor McCain Collection