Review of Calumet City by Charlie Newton

There are things you should not do when you have a heart condition, like riding a roller coaster. Another is reading Calumet City, the debut novel from Charlie Neweton. Starting with the first page, Calumet City grabs you by the throat and takes you on an emotional roller coaster ride that will have your heart pounding throughout the book. The novel tells the story of Chicago PD TAC officer Patti Black, a seventeen year veteran of Chicago’s ghetto streets. When a body is found in the wall of a building following a drug shoot out and fire, Patti finds her horrific past crashing down into her present. Toss in a mayoral assassination attempt and the murder of an Assistant State Attorney and you have an intensely gritty thrill ride. There are well known, established authors who never write a book as well as Newton’s Calumet City. It comes highly recommended. You just may want to read it with the doors locked, the lights on and a gun on the night stand.

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