Crasher’s Mailbag

Once a month I’ll answer questions about my book, the writing process or life in general. This edition brings a wide variety of questions. If you have one you’d like answered in the next Crasher’s Mailbag, post them in the comments section. Time to get started.

Amanda has two questions: How would I respond to a business proposal from Satan and how do you approach people about book signings at their stores or businesses?

I know I’ll never receive an offer from Satan. The reason is it would remove all doubt about over if he or God really exists. I believe there is a God. Meeting Satan would pretty much make it a done deal. But what if he used the same kind of pressure he uses on Vic in my novel? I really don’t know the answer to that question. I get to explore through the use of fiction what Vic would do, but me? Toss up.

For your second question, you just have to be unafraid to hear the word “no”. I’ve made a lot of great friends in my Louisville, Kentucky community, so a handful of the signings took care of themselves. Others, I’ve gone to places like Starbucks and just asked. The worst they can do is tell me no. If you really want to be successful at the small publishing level, you have to be willing to shill for your book. Very few others will do it for you. It’s like getting rejection letters from publishers, you just can’t let them slow you down.

Babs asks: How can you contain all that magnificence in one hat?

As Victor would say, I have one big ass hat. No. Really. When I was in the Army, I wore the largest hat they made. I have one huge melon for a head. As for being magnificent? As long as my wife and kids think I am, I’m doing well.

Dianne asks: Where did you come up with the idea for your book?

I got the idea from the Charlie Daniels song The Devil Went Down to Georgia. This goes back to my answer for Amanda, as I thought Johnny was an idiot risking a fiddle of gold against his soul. It’s simply not worth the risk. So I wondered what would convince me to risk my soul and I do my best to answer said question in my novel, The Hand of God.

Dave asks: What made you decide to combine the supernatural and thriller genre?

When I sat down to start writing the book, it just popped into my head. I didn’t consciously decide on a supernatural thriller, but after Satan showed up in the first line of the book, I just had fun with the genre. When it comes to the thriller aspect, I’ve always loved a great “who done it” and wanted to try and write the type of mystery which makes people think.

Nancy asks: When will the next book come out?


I’m working hard on finishing the sequel to The Hand of God titled The Watchers. Things don’t get any easier for Victor and crew as  the hunt for Belial intensifies and a new threat appears to threaten everything Victor holds dear.

Marie asks: The first book takes place during a twenty-four period, does the new book follow the same time frame?

Nope. I get to open thing up in The Watchers and this book takes place over several months during the winter following events of The Hand of God. 

If you have any questions you’d like to see answered in next month’s mailbag, drop a line in the comments section.

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