Disney Travel Log: Day 1: The Wendy’s Wander

We deicided to take the Acree brood, along with a few neighbors, to Disney World. You know, the one in Florida. We made our plans, booked the hotel, bought our tickets and meal plans and then rented our SUV and hit the road.

On the first day, we just needed to make it to Atlanta, where we would stay with Charlie and Linda, the aunt and uncle of the neightbor. Hitting the road around 11 a.m. we made great time cruising down I-64 and then roared south on I-75 and life could not have been grander.

Well, until we decided to stop for lunch. There is a rule of the road every seasoned traveler knows: if you want to stop for a quick lunch, if you can’t see your restraunt from the interestate off ramp, you don’t go there. You just don’t. You deviate from this rule and you will pay 9 times out of 10.

And we broke it. The thought at the time is we are on time and since we all want Wendy’s we did a quick search and both the GPS and iPhones showed a Wendy’s located only 1.9 miles from the exit. So with modern technology in hand, we zipped off the exit and started our search. With all the gadgets any traveler could ever want, how could we not be sinking our teeths into a junior bacon cheeseburger in less time than it takes to say “I want fries with that.”

Well. Modern technology, meet Corbin, Kentucky. Corbin is a small country town and not overly large. I pushed the restaurant button on my GPS, selected the Wendys and away we went. A few minutes later, as we climbed higher into the countryside, leaving the town behind, we started to have our doubts. As we turned into a subdivision, the doubt transitioned to full fledged worry. The very confident voice on the GPS told me to turn left down a gravel road and at this point we were worried the GPS sent us to Wendys, but a Wendy of Corbin, not Wendy the burger lady. And since we weren’t invited to lunch, we decided to give the iPhone a try. I had no better luck as it suggested the same track.

After several more surches we got the proper address and ten minutes later, backtracking the way we had come and then a different direction and finally arrived at the Wendys. Exactly one more exit down from where we left the interstate. Total time lost? Forty-three minutes. We finally made it to uncle Charlie’s house, but later than expected.

So lesson learned: don’t break the qiuick lunch code. If you can’t see it from the exit, you don’t eat it. Things could only get smoother? Right?

4 thoughts on “Disney Travel Log: Day 1: The Wendy’s Wander

  1. Amy Loveday

    And here I thought all this time that was a Loveday rule! You don’t realize how far a mile is until you travel that distance from the end of an exit ramp in search of food.

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