Disney Travel Log Day 3: The Animal Adventure

No post about actually going to the parks at Disney World would be complete without a huge thank you to our friend, Connie Ison, who helped to plan our days at the park in such a way as to increase enjoyment and decrease exasperation. On Monday, we rounded up the kids, loaded down the adults with backpacks, cameras and assorted “can’t leave behind things” and sprayed everyone with enough sun screen to protect us should the sun go supernova and then caught the bus to Animal Kingdom. Following Ms. Connie’s plan to the T, we had a great time. We started with the Kilimanjaro Safari and it didn’t disappoint. All the animals made an appearance and stood still long enough for us to take several pictures. I get the feeling they’ve Vogued for the visitors a time or two.

Next we went for a leisurely float on the Kali River ride. Rocking in the gentle waters of the…actually, it’s a death defying rapid ride with spins, dips and more than a little water. If you have not considered the word “poncho” before getting on this ride, heaven help you. We had ponchos, so we rode it twice.
Afterwards we rode the ride my wife and all the kids couldn’t wait to get on, the Expedition Everest ride. They all begged Donna and I to let them ride on this incredibly scary ride. In truth, only Donna and I really wanted to ride it and the kids have promised to remember this moment when they pick out our nursing homes at some time in the not so different future.
We finished up the morning by coasting with the prehistoric on the Dinosaur ride. All in all, we had a fantastic time, called it a day in early evening and all the kids came back to the French Quarter for a swim. You notice, the day went much smoother with no mention of Wendy’s. Go figure.

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