Disney Travel Log: Tips and Tricks

A quick note about the drive home: we made it. We did have another Wendy’s adventure. We found one quick enough this time and we only waited in line for a few minutes. But Katy, trying to be helpful, carried a tray back to the table for me and spilled one of the drinks all over the floor. 

And for those of you who remember our adventure in Corbin, Kentucky, we made a stop there on the return trip for dinner. We even broke the “if you can’t see it from the end of the ramp” travel rule, but found the KFC with minimal angst and had a great meal. 

Now for the things I learned on our trip to Disney World. The first thing is to plan, plan, plan. Thanks to Connie, we had a wonderful game plan for each park. If you go and just want to wander, you can do that but you will miss a lot. And wait in a ton of lines. So try and have a game plan on what you want to see and in what order. The Disney site lists all the major attractions and which ones issue FastPasses. 


Which leads me to the second tip: use the FastPass option. They are free to anyone who buys a ticket to the park. All you do is take your park passes, stop by the FastPass kiosk for the ride you’re interested in, slide your card in the machine and it will give you a one hour time window to come back and get in a separate line just for FastPass riders. The people in the Stand By lines will look at you with parts jealousy and admiration. They’re free. Make use of them. 


Third tip is to try and make reservations for the restaurants you want to eat at way in advance. Our Best filled up six months before our trip. It can be a pain to plan your day to make sure you get to a particular restaurant by the allotted time, but it is even worse waiting an hour and a half for a sit down meal.


Fourth tip is to purchase a Disney Dining Plan in advance. It just makes life easier and helps you maintain a travel budget.



The last tip is to HAVE FUN! Disney World is not just for children. It’s for all of us. We had a great time and the Acree family thanks the Monroe family for being such great vacation buddies.  

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