I Love Modern Technology

My how things have changed. Years ago, if I wanted to go to a restaurant and write, I took a notebook and a pen. A few years ago I started taking a laptop and chose restaurants which had an electric plug for my computer and away I typed.

Tonight, I’m at Bistro 42 in Prospect, Kentucky listening to two former members of the Oldham County Class of ’81, Michael Prather and Jay Stewart, play acoustic music while I sit at a table outside, free from the encumbrance of a cord, using an iPad Mini and a Bluetooth keyboard, working on my next project.

I know many people claim the increased use of cell phones, tablets and computers steals away ones free time. Sometimes they do the opposite and allow us to get things done in ways which are more than agreeable.

I’d keep typing, but my mozzarella cheese sticks have arrived and it’s time to jam. Later Gators!

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