FandomFest Day 1 Recap

I had a great first day at FandomFest, signing The Hand of God. Traffic was up due to a better configuration in the hall, with the celebs at the back of the hall. So while the convention goers were running past us on the way in, they were walkiong slowly out and back by all the booths.

The panels were fun, but not without issues. The people running the convention told everyone the wrong room numbers. Then they didn’t put up any signs telling people where to find us. And then they decided to turn off the escalators down to our level. Thanks.

The fun panel turned out to be A Writer’s Guide to Drinking.  Lively and engaging, both panelists and fans enjoyed the evening.

For me personally, the funny part of the day turned out to be George Lucas. No, he wasn’t here, but everyone said I looked like him and two people even asked to have their pictures taken with me. Both bought books and asked me to sign them George Lucas. I was happy to oblige, but did put AKA Tony Acree underneath.


Today’s panels are A Game of Thrones: Difference Between TV and Book and lastly, Improve Storytelling, which should be a lot of fun as I write like I talk: non stop.

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