Extra, Extra, Read All About It! Lynn Tincher Announcement!

My good friend Lynn Tincher, the first person to take a flyer on my novel, The Hand of God, is making a HUGE announcement today, and I couldn’t be more happy for her, both personally and professionally. Instead of my continued ramblings, how about a press release:

LOUISVILLE, KY, August 14, 2013 /24-7 Press Release/ — Kilted Pictures and Lynn Tincher are pleased to announce that The Psychological Thriller, Afterthoughts, the first book in the Mind Bending Series by Louisville, Kentucky Author, Lynn Tincher, has been picked up by Kilted Pictures of Los Angeles for the filming of its pilot episode in 2014.

Peyton Skelton, Director, Executive Producer, became interested in photography at early age, “borrowing” his parents expensive SLR camera for months at a time. After attending school for photo journalism, Peyton found work on various projects over the next years with various Hollywood greats; Lauren Bacall, Gregory Peck and the Cohen Brothers among others. In 2002 Peyton began the second season of Greys Anatomy becoming the Chief Lighting Tech after two months. Though the rigors of a full time TV season absorbed most of his time and energy, he was able to work as a Director of Photography on various projects in his spare time. Now, seven seasons of Grey’s Anatomy later, he has become a full time Director of Photography. Peyton is currently finishing a web series, and in preproduction on an indie feature about the south.

Lynn Tincher, Creator/Writer, Executive Producer, was born in La Grange, Kentucky and grew up in Goshen. One of her fondest memories is when her English class short story was read in front of the students at Oldham County High School. Since then, her love for writing blossomed. She studied Theater Arts in College in hopes of becoming a Drama/English teacher. and had several articles published in local newspapers and travel brochures. In 2007, she finally wrote a novel. After years of frustration with the publishing industry, several rejection letters, and quite a few headaches, a local publishing company, Blackwyrm Fiction, published Lynn’s first novel, Afterthoughts. When she signed the contract, it landed her the center page for a story in Leo Weekly. Since then, Blackwyrm released her second novel, Left in the Dark, and then the third, Buried Deep. She is actively involved in the Louisville Chapter of the National Association of Professional Women and is a Champion Member of the Oldham County Chamber of Commerce. She recently appeared in the Louisville Courier-Journal, the RoundAbout and the Oldham Era.

In Afterthoughts, Detective Paige Aldridge’s family falls prey to a serial killer. Desperate to help her sister, Paige is determined to find out who is behind it all. After being the victim of a kidnapping, she is traumatized by memories she does not know she has. She sees visions of the murders and believes she is being followed by someone she’s only seen in the shadows. Trying to run from her dreams, she is sent spiraling down a path of self doubt, fear and betrayal. Paige finds an unlikely friend that tries to help her by telling her unbelievable things. Teamed up with her partner, Jay, she tries to put all of the pieces together. Are all of these things connected? Will Jay believe in her and most importantly will Paige believe in herself? Are the memories true or is it just an elaborate mind game? Can she get her thoughts together before it’s too late?

For more information, please contact mail@afthoughtsfilm.com. To schedule Lynn for an interview, please contact lynntincher@lynntincher.com. http://www.afterthoughtsfilm.com http://www.kiltedpictures.com http://www.lynntincher.com

Peyton Skelton, Kilted Pictures, Los Angeles California Lynn Tincher, Author, Louisville, Kentucky

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