I’m Back (or Anatomy of a Knee Surgery)

I was over it. Way over it. My knee, which has been with me all of my fifty years, was on strike. And despite all the wonderful memories we have together (remember that time sliding to make the big catch) it became time to part ways.

So I made the call to my Saw Bones, Dr. Daniel Maurer, and we made arrangements to turn me into the Titanium Man. On November 19th, I arrived at Norton Suburban Hospital very early in the morning, and by mid-morning, my knee and I were separated, literally.

The total knee replacement surgery went smoothly and thanks to the wonderful nurses, Kasie, April, Anne, Jennifer and others, my time went as well as it possibly could. Three days later, I made the trek home. My wife and family have gone above and beyond in helping me to recover.

Kort is handling the physical therapy and I’m ahead of schedule. If I could sleep, I’d bee thrilled, but one takes what one can get.

I now feel well enough to get back to a regular schedule of posting inane blog posts, so for those of you who have enjoyed the silence, my apologies. It’s hard to keep a bad man down.

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