Cover Reveal for The Fire of Heaven by Tom Wallance



Good friend and fellow Hydra Publications author, Tom Wallace, is out with the cover for his next Jack Dantzler mystery series. The novel will be released in late February. If you’ve never read one of Tom’s books, you are missing out if you love well written and interesting mysteries. 

About the book:

Lexington Detective Jack Dantzler is asked to look into a death that has been ruled a suicide. When he learns how the person died—cyanide poisoning—he immediately suspects that the victim was murdered. Although the death occurred in another county, Dantzler agrees to look into what is a closed case. However, before he can begin his investigation, a medical clinic is bombed and a woman dies in the blast. Within days, the owner of the clinic is murdered.

As Dantzler digs deeper into these cases, he begins to suspect that the murders are somehow linked together. But how? And who is the link? Dantzler’s list of potential suspects grows, and so does the body count. Suddenly, Dantzler is scrambling to bring down the killer—or killers—before more blood is spilled. It’s a race he cannot afford to lose.

The Fire of Heaven features a cast of memorable characters, headed, of course, by Dantzler, the gifted detective critics have compared to Michael Connelly’s Harry Bosch. Critic Natasha Jackson said it best: “The Fire of Heaven pulls you in right from the very first paragraph, and Tom Wallace does a great job of creating a world-class detective in Dantzler.

About the author:
Tom Wallace is the author of several previous mysteries featuring Detective Jack Dantzler—What Matters Blood (2004), The Devil’s Racket (2007), and Gnosis (2012) all set in Lexington, Kentucky, where Tom lives. He also wrote the thriller, Heirs of Cain (2010). The List (2013), finds both Detective Dantzler and legendary assassin, Cain, from Heirs of Cain, crossing paths. 

Tom spent many years as a successful, award-winning sportswriter in his native Kentucky. He authored five sports-related books, including the highly popular Kentucky Basketball Encyclopedia, an in-depth history of the University of Kentucky’s legendary hoops program. Tom, a Vietnam vet, is an active member of Mystery Writers of America and the Author’s Guild

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