What Would You Tell Your 17 Year Old Self?

I asked an interesting questions on my Facebook author’s page: If you could go back in time and tell your 17 year old self one thing, and one thing only, what would it be? There were many interesting responses. Here are a few: 


Chris Brown Do everything.

Monica T. Davies I love you.

Elisabeth Lelong Trust in yourself

Randall Drum Quit smoking. Now.

Samuel Miller Buy Apple stock.

Erin Bryant Enjoy the journey no matter where it takes you.

Tim McWhorter Have more confidence in yourself and not take 35 years to finally go after my dream.

Leslie Mitzlaff Oller Open your eyes and realize what is truly important. 

And what would I tell my 17 year old self? Don’t stop running. Keep putting in the miles. 


What would you tell yourself?

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