FandomFest Recap Day 3

Things got started right with the opening bell with The Hobbit: Book versus Movie panel. People do love their hobbits. The panel discussion was lively and turns out I’m the only one who liked the movie better than the books (I loved The Hobbit, but it’s a kids book and I liked the more adult themes brought out int he movie).

IMG_0710 IMG_0711 IMG_0712


I followed this up with the Comics: Then and Now panel. Both the audience and my other panel partners were incredibly knowledgeable about every aspects of comics. I did my best to hang with them and learned I have a lot to learn.

IMG_0717 IMG_0720

And of course there was no shortage of Cos Players. Look for my “Anatomy of a FandomFest Book Signing” in the next day or so.


IMG_0667 IMG_0713 IMG_0715 IMG_1448 IMG_1450 IMG_1452 IMG_1454 IMG_1455 IMG_1456 IMG_1457 IMG_1458 IMG_1459 IMG_1460 IMG_1461 IMG_1462 IMG_1463 IMG_1464

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