Rory Sabbatini and Matthew

Today at the PGA Championship, when Rory Sabbatini started up the line opposite the line we were standing in, signing things:
Matthew (young son of a friend of mine): Awwwwwwww
Rory: (Turning to look at Matthew) There’s no crying in baseball. (He keeps walking up the other line)
(Matthew hangs his head)
Rory, walking over: I will sign her’s (pointing to Matthew’s sister, Erin) but not yours because you whined. (As adults, we can tell he’s joking, but Matthew plops down, dejected)
Rory: (after repeated attempts, finally gets Matthew to stand up and signs his hat) When we don’t stop to sign things, it’s not because we don’t want to stop, but because we may not have the time. Do you understand?
(Matthew nods his head)
Rory: Have fun the rest of the day, Matthew.

How cool is that? It should be pointed out, the whine worked.

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