Anatomy of an Authors Fair

This Saturday I attended the That Book Place Fifth Annual Authors Fair in Madison, Indiana. Hosted by Frank and Kim Hall, the event featured over sixty authors selling and socializing. This was the first time the fair was held indoors, taking up residence at the Indiana National Guard Armory. Not having to fight the wind and the elements made life SO much easier. Plus they were able to use the kitchen to provide food for author and customer alike. And there were bathrooms!


Traffic was noticeably lower, but I believe that can be attributed to it being the first year in a new place. I think the fair will continue to grow and be better off for the switch. Once people learn where to find us, the fair will be in great shape.

While selling books was the main reason we were all there, the socializing came in a close second. Starting with the other Hydra authors who attended.

HydraAuthorsMorinda Montgomery, Dave Creek, Rebekah McAuliffe, Stuart Thaman and Rachael Rawlings all attended. We also got to hang out with other great publishers like Stephen Zimmer of Seventh Star Press out of Lexington, Kentucky and Eric Beebe of Post Mortem Press of Cincinnati, Ohio. Some even got Eric and I confused, calling us separated twins.



I love catching up with all the other authors who I don’t get to see often enough. We all see each other at the same events, and thankfully we all get along incredibly well. The Authors Fair will be a yearly stop on my book signing circuit.


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