FandomFest Panel Schedule


Some may come to FandomFest to see Carrie Fisher. I mean, who doesn’t love Princess Leia? Or maybe you’re a Jay and Silent Bob fan and want to get laid back with Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes. Hell, you might even be coming to meet the people who play the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Maybe.

But while you’re there, I also know you will want to stop by some &%# great panels: Marvel vs DC, Sherlock Holmes Movies vs Books or even Ask an Author Anything. Yep. I’ll be on several panels. Here is the current schedule, which is subject to adjustments.

Sherlock Holmes: Literature vs. TV and Movies
Room 203
Sherlock Holmes has a rich literary foundation and its modern appeal is proven with the explosion of TV and Movie properties. Come to a fun discussion with our authors about the world of Sherlock Holmes and the forms it has taken, as the panel contrasts the literary and TV/Movie realms. How has the character evolved? Differences and Similarities. Drugs? Mental health? Dr Watson in the USA version is a woman. Compare the Doyle VS Robert Downey Jr movies vs Sherlock (British) vs Elementary (US).
Robin Blankenship, Dave Creek, Virginia Jolly, Tony Acree, Lee Martindale, Kay Iscah

DC Vs. Marvel
Room 203
DC Vs. Marvel: A friendly-natured showdown with a clash of the titans! Come and support your side in this debate of the Marvel Vs. DC worlds. Which is stronger in today’s entertainment world? What distinguishes each of them? What are the weaknesses of each? What’s been happening since FandomFest last year in the Marvel and DC worlds? This will be an open discussion guided by published authors.
Tony Acree (M), A.E. McCullough, Virginia Jolly, Drew Leiter

Writers Interviewing Writers
Room 202
Come for a fun panel featuring a group of published writers, interviewing each other. Expect the unexpected when it comes to the questions!
Lee Martindale (M) Atty Eve, Mysti Parker, Jetti Necole, Tony Acree, J.H. Glaze, L. Andrew Cooper

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