or How To Waste Away Your Youth

Ancestory II

Family crack. That’s what has become to me. I’ve always been a history buff, but always other people’s history, particularly pre-WWI. My own family dealt with enough drama without me digging up things about past relatives.

However, I decided to give a try a few years ago and wasn’t a fan. Sure, there were plenty of things to check out, but the databases weren’t all that integrated or useful. Then again, perhaps it was user error. Entirely possible. I left my membership behind and never gave the site a second thought.

Until recently. The death of my mother made me more interested in where I came from and from whom. I recalled my old password, signed in and then it happened. I found stuff!

Within minutes I was looking at my parents marriage license and the changes began. I found out I was an oops baby. It makes no difference to me one way or the other, but it puts my earlier years into perspective.

The databases which I found unwieldy in the past, now work together incredibly well. In short order, I had my paternal line filled out. Now, I will have to verify the veracity of the links I’ve made, but that’s part of the fun. I do think the price of membership for world wide access is a bit high, but when you get hooked, you won’t care. You will pay the price. And love it!

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