Archon 2015 Day I

I am once again near St. Louis for Archon 2015. The great thing about conventions like Archon is you see a ton of familiar faces. With this being my third visit to Archon, the faces I recognize are many. I am set up with talented Hydra Publications author, Stuart Thaman and next door to Jay Noel, steampunk author extraordinaire.  Added thanks to Roy and Optimus Prime (that’s what his name tag said, but he might be running around as Art) for the new tag line for fans of the series: Vic-tims. Pun intended. And Archon would not be Archon without Cosplay pictures.


IMG_1968 IMG_1967 IMG_1966 IMG_1965 IMG_1964 IMG_1963 IMG_1962 IMG_1961 IMG_1960 IMG_1959 IMG_1958 IMG_1957 IMG_1956 IMG_1955 IMG_1954 IMG_1953 IMG_1952 IMG_1951 IMG_1950 IMG_1949 IMG_1948 IMG_1947 IMG_1946 IMG_1945 IMG_1944 IMG_1943 IMG_1942 IMG_1941 IMG_1940 IMG_1939 IMG_1938 IMG_1937 IMG_1936 IMG_1935 IMG_1934 IMG_1933 IMG_1932 IMG_1930 IMG_1929 IMG_1928 IMG_1927 IMG_1926 IMG_1924 IMG_1923 IMG_1922 IMG_1921 IMG_1919

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