Presidential Election, Game of Thrones Edition

Season six of Game of Thrones will arrive on HBO April, 24. Count me a huge fan of the show based on George R.R. Martin‘s bestselling fantasy novels. Every spring I add HBO and drop it a few months later.

Thinking about the new season while watching one political ad after another, made me wonder: What character in Game of Thrones would each presidential candidate say is most like them. And which character are they really most like. Here are my guesses.

Donald Trump

He thinks he is:  Jaime Lannister – A man born into a wealthy family and with the best hair this side of Jon Snow, he believes he is a man pressed into action because forces around him plot to destroy his country and his family. He is a strong man who can wield the sword of the deal to bring peace and greatness to the Seven Kingdoms once again.

He really is: Cersei Lanister – He thinks everyone is out to get him. Especially a certain woman, who he feels is not worthy  to wear the crown . He fears illegal immigrants are invading his country and will try to take the Iron Throne and the Seven Kingdoms from him.Will a Wall be enough to save him from the zombies who will overtake him?


Ted Cruz

He thinks he is: Jon Snow – The consummate outsider, a bastard of the establishment, he does what he does to prove to those in power that the common man needs a voice. He went to the Nights Watch (the well of the Senate) to slay those, even of his own party, who might keep him from saving the world from the demons on the other side of the Wall (he wants to build on the Mexican border). Can he rise from the dead and overtake the leader?

He really is: Theon Greyjoy – He believes he can make it to the top at Winterfell, when in reality, even those who say they like him are only doing so until he defeats the main rival. When the tables turn, there will be no where for him to run for support.


John Kasich

He thinks he is: Ned Stark – He is the candidate who is staying above the mudslinging, the insults and the dirty tricks. He believes he is the man with the spotless reputation who will lead the country by example. His virtuous nature will win the day.

He really is: Renly Baratheon – He claims the crown for himself, though he has to get by Stannis, Rob Stark, all the Lannisters, a girl who flies on dragons, and everyone else to win. In the end, he is taken out by his rivals when it comes to the convention.


Hillary Clinton

She thinks she is: Daenerys Targaryen –  A woman who has been through the fires of being First Lady, Senator, Secretary of State and emerged stronger and ready to lead. The people will rally around her and she will sweep change across the Seven Kingdoms and around the world.


She really is: Melisandre – Her enemies believe she is a red (Commie) witch, casting a spell over an unsuspecting public. She uses what they feel is dark magic, willing to burn her adversaries to the ground to get what she wants. She claims she knows what is best for the country, but can we trust her?


Bernie Sanders


He thinks he is: Tyrian Lannister – Wise, intelligent and a thorn in the side of his own family, he is willing to conquer all using only the power of his mind. He has a vision that will save everyone, if they will only listen.


He really is: The High Sparrow – A man most of Kings Landing doesn’t understand but with followers who are rabid and loyal. He refuses to take the gold of the establishment and demands justice for the people. Besides, look at the hair.

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