FandomFest 2016 Day 3 Recap


IMG_3817FandomFest 2016 wrapped up an incredibly fun weekend. I first want to think Ken and Myra Daniels for putting on a top notch event. Something this massive is not an easy thing to pull off, but they make it seem like a walk in the park. From our perspective. Thank you.

Huge shout out to Stephen Zimmer who ran the Literary Track for FandomFest. The man knows how to build panels which give the fans what they want. From Marvel to Ghostbusters to how to write the best horror novel possible. He manages to seem to be in ten places all at the same time. Makes me wonder….

I’d also like to thank my table mates for the weekend, Stuart Thaman and Dave Creek, two gifted writers who don’t seem to mind putting up with my insanity. Hanging with J.J. and Michael Sherwood and Alexandra Birr is always a highlight. J.J. thanks for doing the heavy lifting when it came to shopping for Katy and Lauren. They will love your choice of gift much better than anything I could ever pick out.

Another real highlight was getting to meet Anthony Michael Hall. I’ve been to dozens and dozens of comic cons and had the chance to see and meet many celebrities, yet I’ve never gone “fanboy” over one of them. Until today. The Dead Zone by Stephen King is one of my all time favorite novels. The TV show by the same name is also one of my all time favorites. Often when a book I love is made into a TV show or movie, it’s disappointing. Yet Mr. Anthony and crew took a great book and turned it into an even more amazing show. I got to meet him when he stopped in front of my booth and he could not have been nicer. This year, at FandomFest, I got to truly enjoy the “fandom” part of the name.

But the best thing about FandomFest is getting to see fans who show up year after year and come back to the table to buy the latest book. You guys are the reason I do what I do. Thank you.

Finally, a few more cosplay pictures with photos from the Batman vs Superman and Ghostbusters panels.


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