Stuart Thaman Guest Post

Today I am turning my site over to Stuart Thaman, the best selling fantasy and horror writer, with tips on how to make great use of Amazon giveaways. Stuart is getting ready to launch The Minotaur King, a prequel novella in his wildly popular Goblin Wars series. The pre-sale starts September 1st.

Using Amazon Giveaways to Grow you Amazon Followers

By Stuart Thaman

            Firstly, let’s start by reminding everyone that there is no way (as of August, 2017) to check who your Amazon followers are or how many you have. I cannot say how many times I’ve answered that question.

On to the good part! Let’s get more of those followers we can’t check. Step 1—how do you follow someone on Amazon? If you click an author name (and try this with your own so you can see), you can find the “follow” button on the left side of the screen. That’ll do it. Then, when that author has a new release or one of their titles becomes discounted, you should get personalized emails from Amazon to let you know. Also, if you use Amazon on your phone, they should send you push notifications about that author too.

So the reasons for growing your follower base are pretty easy to see. But how do you do it? As the title suggests, Amazon giveaways. To create a giveaway (yes, for eBooks too), go to the product page and scroll down. Below your reviews should be a button to make a giveaway. Choose “sweepstakes” in order to ensure that all copies get distributed, and then fill out the rest. The process is pretty simple. At the bottom, and this part is critical, make sure you click on the box that makes the giveaway public via Amazon’s channel. That means Amazon will advertise the giveaway for you. You don’t have to do anything. Seriously. Just nothing. Tweet it if you like, but you don’t need to.

How many copies should you giveaway? Well, I always recommend you giveaway book 1 of a series, and if the book isn’t perma-free already, it should be 99 cents. So giveaway 10 copies a week in 3 or 4 different giveaways. At 99 cents each, that’ll be cheap. And you get the royalties from it too. So you’ll end up getting a couple bucks back while growing your platform immensely.

And if not all the books get downloaded, you can use them again (without paying a second time) to do more giveaways.

Hopefully you find it a pretty easy process to schedule some giveaways and start growing your followers directly on Amazon. It isn’t too tough, and the results can be really good—just remember that there really isn’t any way to measure it. Yet.



Welcome to the world of The Goblin Wars, the best-selling epic fantasy series from Stuart Thaman! Whether you’ve read them all or are a brand new fan, you’ll love The Minotaur King. A short read, The Minotaur King follows Qul’s rise through his mountain clan—full of treachery, brutal combat, and dark magic.


Qul has always wanted to be a royal guard, but to even get close to Queen Ilo, he’ll have to pass the annual Brood-Fight. Only one minotaur succeeds the Brood-Fight each year, and many of the others don’t even survive. And then there’s a secret, one that could get Qul killed outright, but one that also holds wild potential. Someone is lurking around his mountain home, and minotaurs do not take kindly to strangers. Faced with death around every corner, Qul’s ambitions quickly shrink from royalty to survival. And the minotaur clan has no room for weakness. Not a single inch.

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