Filet McMuffin

In line at McDonalds after ordering a diet Dr Pepper, to the clerk with the line not moving:

Me: I bet the guy up front ordered something really strange, like a Filet McMuffin

Clerk: A what?

Me: A Filet McMuffin. It’s where you order a filet O fish but put it on an English muffin of an Egg McMuffin.

Clerk: Who would ever order that?

Me: (I get out a five dollar bill and hand it to her)

Clerk: you can’t be serious?

Me: I am a paragon of seriousness.

Clerk: A para what?

Me: Paragon of—it means I’m serious.

Clerk: (shakes her head and places the order). After a pause she says into her headset: yes. That’s right. Yes. He’s serious.

Me: A paragon of seriousness.

Clerk: (hands me my change) You’re something alright.

Me: thank you.


I give you the Fish McMuffin. Surprisingly better than expected. When you see it on the menu within the year you will know where they got the idea.

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