Imaginarium Starts Today

Imaginarium starts today at 3 pm at the Ramada Plaza Hotel and Conference Center in Louisville, Kentucky and I’ll once again be the Toastmaster. You’d think they would have learned their lesson by now. I will be in dealer room at the Hydra Publications table when I’m not running around. Which, by the looks of my schedule, won’t be often. Here is my schedule for the weekend. The names at the end are the room names.

5 pm – Game of Thrones Panel – Moderator – Goldenrod
6 pm – Time Management for Creatives – Moderator – Cumberland 
8 pm – Opening Ceremonies – Toastmaster

9 am – Hydra Publications Pitch Session – Goldenrod
4 pm – Booze and Books – Appalachian
5 pm – Marvel vs DC – Moderator – Goldenrod
7:30 pm – Imaginarium Awards Banquet – Toasmaster
9:30 pm – Imaginarium Masquerade Ball and Costume Contest – AARP Batman will take my place for this one.

9am – Q&A with Abigail Keam – Moderator – Event and Banquet Hall
10 am – Mystery Mastery:What’s Expected, and How to Put Your Own Voice On Your Story – Moderator – Derby
11 am – Q&A with Michael Knost – Moderator – Event and Banquet Hall
11:45 am – Q&A with Gary A. Braunbeck – Moderator -Event and Banquet Hall
12:30 pm – Q&A with Lucy A. Snyder – Moderator – Event and Banquet Hall
1:15 pm – Q&A with Teresa Reasor – Moderator – Event and Banquet Hall
2:45 pm – Q&A with Eric Bloat – Moderator – Event and Banquet Hall

You can find a full panel list of all the workshops and panels here.

This is a fun event and I look forward to seeing folks.

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