Cyber Monday Sale

With the holidays upon us, Hydra Publications is celebrating Cyber Monday by putting over 70 titles on sale by dozens of best selling writers, including yours truly. My individual novels are 99 cents each and the Victor McCain Collection is only $3.99

You will also find mysteries by Tom Wallace, Rachael Rawlings, and James Peercy. Science fiction from Arlan Andrews and Dave Creek. Horror by  Jim Miller and Michael Wallace. Action adventure from Mick Williams and T. Lee Harris, fantasy from C.M. Michaels and Stuart Thaman and many more. In addition, Hydra’s romance imprint, Stardust Romance, and it’s mystery imprint, Enigma House Press, are also running Cyber Monday sales. Stock up for your winter reading or purchase them for the Christmas reader on your “they’ve been good list”. Most titles are 99 cents. Time to shop until you drop. Browse our author pages and follow the links to find the next excursion for your mind. Find your links at

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