Scammer Take 2

Another scammer stole the ID of a friend here on FaceBook. The following conversation took place. I changed their name to Stolen Friend FB ID:



Hi, Stolen Friend FB ID

FBF: I notice i can’t send msg to all my fb friends that why I had to set up a fb messenger because i got a virus with my old account hope seeing my request did not bothered you ?

Welcome back

FBF: Have you heard about the SBG ( Small Business Grants ) Bonus Program by Facebook? who help hearing ,deaf, retired and some other Facebook users?

No. Tell me more

FBF: The promotion was made to some Facebook user in other to benefit from them its a randomly picked of profile on Facebook $200,000.00 did you get yours from them ??? UPS delivered the money to my door step. I saw your name on the list with the shipping company agent ,I’m so serious about this i really got the money and it is real and legit did you mean you haven’t gotten yours yet??

I sure as hell did not!!! I’ve been ripped off!!!

FBF: I am telling you the truth. this is real and my bank confirm it. i cant lie to you or mess up with you, so you really have to believe in me. OH MY GOD! I’m not kidding or pulling your legs. I saw your name among the Lucky winners when the UPS came down to my door step to deliver my winning money to me. Anyway, i think you should contact the Claiming Agent in charge to claim your own winning. Do you know how to do that?

I don’t. But when I find out who stole my money I’m going to %*¥# them up. You know what I did to that other guy.

FBF: Send a text message to # (575) 347-1855 her name is Agent Carolyn Chamber and tell her that you want to claim your winning money now. Do that right now

How quick can I get the money. My trial lawyer is after me to pay his bill after getting me off the last charge.

FBF: You will got it tomorrow if you follow her instruction., i am assuring you that you will got your winning money tomorrow and have you send her a text message now?

Sweet. The best thing? Now that they found me innocent they can’t retry me. How cool is that. Suckers never knew I actually did it
Do you want a finders fee?

FBF: No.. And have you send her a text message that you want to claim your winning money now?

I will shortly. Texting my lawyer. How come you don’t want any? You took a cut of my bank job? I’ll keep that on the low down. Just between us.
Hey. If want to keep this from the IRS will you help me hide part of the 200 thousand?

FBF: Yes i will
I am so happy for you

I can’t have it show up in my account. The cops are all up in my stuff. Think they can send it to you?
And you can pay me as I need it

FBF: make sure you follow her instructions and do whatever she told you so that you can got your winning money tomorrow. okay.
text her now

I’m texting now. I may need 10 grand to get out of the country. The lawyer says the cops are now charging me for fighting in that duel where I nearly killed that guy. Dueling is illegal in Kentucky. Go figure

FBF: Agent Carolyn Chambers will surely help you out. trust me for that


FBF: i hope you have text her

Hmm. I think the number you gave me is wrong. I got a reply saying it wasn’t a cell for Chambers but for a guy named Rupert who runs a ballerina/massage school. Sure you got the right number?
That sounds wrong
Are you trying to scam me??? I ain’t no freakin ballerina.

what is going on?

(575) 347-1955?

FBF: i am not the kind of person that will lie to you or mess up with you.
you really have to believe me and trust in GOD
I am so sad now that you dont trust me

It seems they train ballerinas to give massages in their spare time.
Is the number right???

FBF: Yes
+1 575-347-1855
I told you that you should send her a text message
Dont call her. she is always busy with alot of winners. send her a text message

I texted the last time. I might consider being a ballerina if I don’t have to wear the outfit. 200 grand would buy a lot of lessons. But don’t tell anyone I’m considering doing that. Do you hear me?
No one.

FBF: what is your cell number
i will give it to her to text you

You know what I do to people who tick me off. Like that dude in Lima Ohio
They never found him. I buried him along with his unicycle and clown outfit. I hate clowns.

FBF: Trust me

I appreciate you keeping that quiet. And I’ll NEVER snitch on you for your sports book gambling.
You scratch my back and I will scratch yours.

click on it and message her

I AM IN DEEP TROUBLE!!! Did you tell someone I was here?
Did you turn me in???

FBF: what happen?

I’m in my bedroom and someone kicked in the front door. I’m hiding in the back of my closet. I’m lying behind that stack of Classic Trivia Pursuit games I collected.

FBF: no i dot i dont did you got a message from Carolyn chamber from facebook

I have to not type for a moment…. they’re in the bedroom and they might here me. give me a second. It might be the pizza guy. I owe him money too.

I’m starting to think you’re the cops and you’re trying to keep me here so you can arrest me.

FBF: I cant trust me

If this really is Stolen Friend FB ID, and you turned me in, I will find you. You know this. And if I do, I’ll use the same Nerf Gun on you I used on Willard. It won’t be pretty. If you think what I do to clowns is bad…
I cant trust me? You actually are telling me I can’t trust you?

It was at this point they blocked me.

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