The Hand of God Movie

I’m excited to announce The Hand of God, the first book in the Victor McCain thrillers, has been optioned for a major motion picture. I will be partnering with Brad Heiner and Mandy Fason in a new production company to bring the movie to a theater near  you.

The movie will be filmed mainly in Atlanta, Georgia, along with exterior shots in Louisville, Kentucky.  We also hope to hold the premier in Louisville as well.

It’s a dream of any writer to have their books made into movies. I’m luckier than most, as I get to write the script and join in the production process. This includes meeting with talent, like a meeting a couple of weekends back with uber talented actor, Keith David, who is now attached to the movie.

A lot of the reason this movie is being made is because of you, the fan. Your support and enthusiasm for Victor, Samantha, Winston, Kurt, Brother Joshua, and Linda, among others, have showed the powers that be how successful this project can be.

Thank you.

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