Miss Me?

Part of the problem with being insanely busy is keeping up with my personal website. I plan to do a MUCH better job of things going forward. Some quick updates:

The movie is progressing. We continue to work on the script while we sort out the financing. When you are dealing with a project this large, it takes time to line all the financial ducks in a row, but we are getting there.

The next book I’ll be releasing is one of humor. I hope to have it out and to you guys by the end of February. The book will focus on my dealings with Facebook and Instagram scammers, conversations with my twins and my interactions with sales clerks. Or anything else which tickles my funny bone.

I am also working on the first in the Jericho detective series. This will be my homage to Robert B. Parker’s Spenser novels. Love those.

I am also working with my twins Katy and Lauren on a YA novel which is a lot of fun to write. I will be able to tell more in the coming weeks.

And the last project is the Victor McCain crossover novel with Lynn Tincher’s Mind-Bending series heroine Paige Aldridge.

Add I’m still the proud owner of Hydra Publications and all its imprints and you can see why I’ve been so busy. While I’m quite exhausted, it’s a fun time creatively.

I promise to be here more often.

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