Lonnie, Me and the Hand of God

Marian Allen and Tony Acree have a surprise for you. Here is a new Victor McCain short story: Lonnie, Me and the Hand of God.
Victor McCain, God’s bounty hunter, has better things to do than check out a Satan sighting in Indiana, yet when duty calls…
When he meets his informant, natural-born fool Lonnie Carter, only a six-pack of Guinness can lure him into the house. When Satan shows up with a deal, it is left up to McCain to use his very special skill set to save the day, and maybe the soul of a dog.
More about Marian Allen:

Marian Allen is the terror of local animals, creeping creepily upon them and taking their pictures when they least expect it. She has two restraining orders, three arrest warrants, and a class-action lawsuit against her for wildlife paparazzing, and her cats go armed. When she isn’t making a nuisance of herself, she writes. She signs herself thusly: Marian Allen, Author Lady: Fantasies, mysteries, comedies, recipes. She blogs damn near daily at MarianAllen.com.  Email her at ma@marianallen.com

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