Crasher’s Mailbag

Once a month I’ll answer questions about my book, the writing process or life in general. Let’s get right to the questions.

Monica asks, “Where did you get the original idea for The Hand of God? “

I got the idea from the song The Devil Went Down to Georgia  by Charlie Daniels. I thought it was rather stupid for Johnny to risk his eternal soul for a fiddle of gold. But it got me to wondering for what I would risk my soul? In The Hand of God, I put the main character, Victor McCain, in just such a position, when he finds out he is the only one who can save his brother’s soul. In the end, it’s all about choices.

Dianne asks, “When did you start writing?” And Stacy asks,”And why?”

I started writing in sixth grade and it was all because of a girl. We were reading poetry in class and a guy, who liked the same girl I did, decided to write her a poem. Not wanting to lose to the competition, I wrote a poem as well. The first lines were “The thing that makes me happy and gay, is a walk through the woods at the dawn of the day,” I was inspired by the works of Robert Frost. My apologies, Mr. Frost.

Dianne also asks, “What’s your favorite scene to write, and why? And do I have other titles in the oven?”

I love writing action scenes, because of, well, the action. I love creating tension by putting characters in tough situations and letting them work, fight and claw their way out of them. As for other titles in the oven, I’m working on the sequel to The Hand of God, titled The Watchers. 

Vince asks, “I’d like to know who you mentally pictured for the characters in your book. Did you do a mental movie casting?”

I did, in deed. For the part of Victor McCain, I pictured Chris Hemsworth of Thor fame. In the roll of Samantha Tyler, I pictured Castle star Stana Katic and for the Hand of God, Benicio del Torro.  Now if we can just get the movie made…

Mike asks a question about then next book (SO, MINOR SPOILER ALERT), “Where did Kurt go on vacation?”

Kurt, the lovable, yet hapless computer geek in The Hand of God, is now on Hanalei Beach on the island of Kaui in Hawaii. He thinks he’s laying low, waiting for the dust to settle. But is he really? Kurt makes his return in The Watchers. 

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