Author’s Fair and Panel Questions

This Saturday I’ll be at the 3rd Annual That Book Place Author’s Fair in Madison Indiana, from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. There will be around 60 authors selling and signing books. The store will also have over 8,000 books at 75 percent off.

Tomorrow night I’ll be taking part in two of four panel discussions. The first is So You Want To Be A Writer. The next one is Is Paranormal The New Normal. While I welcome your comments and questions here on both panels, I’m particularly interested in the second. Why do you think there is such a huge interest in paranormal shows, books and movies? I have my thoughts, but I’m curious to hear yours. Drop me a comment or two and I’ll use your thoughts tomorrow night. 

2 thoughts on “Author’s Fair and Panel Questions

  1. Tom McNeil

    1) Escapism – nothing can keep you from thinking about reality better than reading about things that are not real.
    2) Lack of Moral ambiguity – In real life, most people are complex. There are very few totally good or totally evil people, but literature, especially fantasy literature, is full of them. There is no doubt that Harry Potter is the good guy and Voldemort is the bad guy so choosing sides is easy.

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