Disney Travel Log Day 5: The Hollywood Hustle

Our third park to visit was Hollywood Studios. The morning highlight was the Toy Story ride, where the characters from the movie lead you on an arcade game shoot em up. After the first ride, I was sure my fifty-nine thousand would be the highest point total in the group. Turns out the neighbor kid beat me by almost twenty thousand.

So when we came back and rode the ride again, I was prepared. I mapped out a strategy, fine tuned my shooting technique and laid waste to the computer generated targets. After all, I did qualify as an expert during my days in the Army. Sure enough, I over doubled my score, to one hundred and nineteen thousand. Woohoo! Only to find out, Dani, the neighbor kid, shot one hundred and twenty-two thousand. Depressing.
The other big part of the day was what was NOT open: The Legend of Captain Jack Sparrow. Closed for renovations. Will, Dani’s brother, really wanted to see this, so major bummer.
While Donna and I snuck off to ride Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster with Aerosmith, my wife took all the kids to the American Idol Experience, so  both groups were happy. The Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster comes highly recommended for any coaster aficionados.
The big thrill of the day came when both Donna and I tried to be picked to be part of the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular by being top screamers. We both did an excellent job, but they picked beauty over size and Donna ended up being the star of the extras. Her expressive performance would surely have won over Harrison Ford if he had been there.
We left the park in mid afternoon and the kids went swimming before we headed to Downtown Disney and our dinner reservations at House of Blues.  The ribs the House of Blues were fantastic and I encourage any carnivores reading this to make it a must stop.
On the way back from dinner, Katy started to feel ill and the kids decided to go back to the hotel with Karin to watch TV, while Donna and I trekked off to ride the only ride left we HAD to ride; The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror! My wife asked if I wanted my poncho, but I looked at the Weather Channel app and the listed zero percent chance of rain and said no.
On the bus ride over the park you’ll never guess what it started to do. No. Go ahead. Guess. Oh. Good guess. It started to rain hard enough to float Noah’s ark. Donna had both a poncho and an umbrella. The poncho wouldn’t fit me and it didn’t work well for her either. I did have my brand spanking new Indiana Jones hat, so at least my glasses stayed dry.
The huge advantage to going to Hollywood Studios during a driving rain is everyone else was headed in the opposite direction, so we were able to walk straight up to the end of the line and get right on the Tower of Terror. LOVED IT! Of course, every time the elevator dropped, I was lifted off my seat and Donna kept grabbing my butt. She said she was trying to snatch the belt so she herself wouldn’t be lifted into the air, but I had my doubts.
So the moral of the story is, if you want to ride rides all by yourself, or with a butt grabbing buddy, then go during a rain storm. Works for me.

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