Disney Travel Log Day 6: Magic Mahem

We saved Magic Kingdom for our last park visit, wanting to go out with a bang. The forecast called for a seventy percent chance of rain, but with ponchos in hand (in bag actually) we caught our bus and the merry band of travelers were off.

We started by passing through the Disney Castle and straight to the new Fantasy Land where the girls got an autograph from Ariel and Will ran and hid. The early favorite of all the rides we ventured onto was Peter Pan Flight and Tomorrowland Speedway. Of course the steering in my car didn’t work, so I just caromed from one side to the next and I had flash backs of driving through Atlanta construction zones, but I digress.
We next tackled Space Mountain. Half the group was terrified of hopping a board, but everyone made the journey. Mother Nature decided to help Katy take her mind off her fear by having a wasp sting her just before getting into her car for the coaster. A wasp. Inside Space Mountain. She handled it much better than I would have (most of you who know me well know I would have taken off running right up the tracks and into the darkness beyond to escape a wasp). Dad got to be the hero for swatting the dangerous insect from her head.
After Space Mountain we struck out for Adventure Land and rides such as the Jungle Cruise, Swiss Family Treehouse and Pirates of the Caribbean (was Will ever happy). We picked up tickets for Splash Mountain and then headed to my favorite thing in all of Disney, the Hall of the Presidents. What makes me really happy is all the kids loved it and wanted to see it again.
After getting down with all the former Presidents, we went to dinner at the Liberty Tree Tavern and while we were eating, the heavens opened and the rain fell in huge curtains. We hung around inside the tavern, especially since Donna loved eating Thanksgiving Dinner a few months early, hoping the rain would let up, but no dice.
We donned the ponchos and made it onto the Splash Mountain ride. Although, it seemed kind of ironic we were wearing ponchos, so we could stay dry, so we could then ride a ride guaranteed to get us wet, but irony was lost on the kids and the adults were too tired to care.
We cut the rest of the day short as the rain continued unabated. Only later that night, while flipping through the channels did we learn about Tropical Storm Anna just off the coast. We had watched no news while here and all the iPhone alerts were about things in Kentucky, not raging storms in Florida.
The great thing is we got in almost all the rides and events we wanted to see and we left the Magic Kingdom happy. Wet, but happy. But what would the morrow bring on our trip to the beach? If the last few days were any indication, it would be an adventure.

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