What Would You Do?

You have to understand something. I’m a huge Kentucky Wildcat basketball fan. Not just huge. Humongous. Imagine my incredible glee when my Wildcats (and yes, they are mine, I lay claim to them) took down the Wichita State Shockers in the NCAA tournament. Previously undefeated, all the national experts picked Kentucky, making the win even more sweet.

And their reward? To face their state rivals the Louisville Cardinals on Friday night in Indianapolis. A match made in heaven for the basketball junkies of the Bluegrass state. I can’t wait to see the game.

Only, I will have to wait. My wife planned a trip with the Twins to visit relatives in Wisconsin. Normally we would pull the twins out of school early and reach Madison early enough for me to slip off to a local sports bar and catch the game. But Lauren has perfect attendance and pulling her out of school without a doctors note would mean she would lose the award.  Leaving after school would put us in Madison during the first half, if I’m lucky.

I needed a plan. First I asked Lauren to try and get sick before Friday. Not the kind of sick to cancel the trip, but enough for her to go to the doctor. Failing this, she is allowed a physical once a year. I could schedule her physical at 12:30 p.m., stop by the doc on the way out of town, have them fax the note, then we’re off and I get to Wisconsin with plenty of time.

The question: how far would you go to watch the biggest game of the year? Would you schedule a docs appointment and pay the cost of the visit? Just to watch the game? What will I do?

Ask me on Friday.

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