Be Careful What You Ask For

In my previous post, I discussed how I needed my daughter, Lauren, who has perfect attendance, to get a little sick on Friday so we could leave school a few hours early to reach Wisconsin early enough to watch Kentucky play Louisville in basketball. The day arrived, she felt fine and I decided against a fake doctors appointment (thought it was a close call). After school, we packed the kids in the car and took off.

Well, we left, but taking off is not correct. We hit four separate traffic accidents and it took nearly 3 hours and 40 minutes to reach Indianapolis. Shortly after passing Indy, we stopped for a potty break and picked up dinner. We weren’t back on the road more than a half hour when Lauren started to complain of her stomach. A half hour after that, she’s getting sick in the backseat. When that happened a second time, we decided to stop for the night, rent a hotel room and see how she was in the morning, not wanting to take a stomach bug to Wisconsin. 

After getting the family settled, I went down to the lobby to watch the game. I got a warning from the staff to not yell as much (yeah, right) and at least the night ended with a Kentucky win. By the next morning, Lauren felt fine and we made it to Madison. 

Thank you, Lauren, for finding a way for me to watch the game. I wish you had warned me, so I would not have paid to have the car detailed the day before. But that’s O.K.. You came through in the clutch. 

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