Holiday Memories: A Caroling We Will Go

One year several of us got together to go caroling in Prospect. I don’t remember everyone involved (it was only 34 years ago) but there were nearly the same amount of girls as boys. I know Ricky Amyx, Jay Bandy, Amy Manning Martin, Frances Goodman Wood were there, among others. There was a lot more laughing than singing, but we had a great time. The one thing I do remember is that is was very cold. At one particular house, an elderly couple opened the door and graciously listened to us sing. When we were finished, the woman asked, “Would you like to come in for some hot chocolate?” The gals, with one voice, said, “No.” The guys, also with one voice, said, “Yes! and the hot chocolate flowed. I miss the days when a group of young kids could hit the road for a little Christmas fun.


While they may not be as good as we were (well, my memory may be embellishing a bit) here are some surprise carolers for your enjoyment.

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