Holiday Memories: Take a Hike Santa

Katy and Santa

Every year my wife and I throw a Christmas party and starting five years ago, Santa started coming to the party to visit all the little ones (thank you Murray McCandless). My twins were six years old and couldn’t wait for Santa to arrive. When Santa walked through the door, Katy started right in on Santa. Here is how the conversation went:

Katy: I want a real hamster for Christmas. Not one of the fake ones. (This was the year Zhu Zuh Pets were huge).

Santa: Honey, I don’t deliver live animals anymore. I haven’t since the 70s.

Katy: But I’ve been VERY good.

Santa: I know that. You’re on the good girl list. But I don’t deliver live animals. It’s not good for the animals–

Santa kept talking but Katy stormed off and refused to listen to the rest of the answer.

I followed Katy into the other room, picked her up and sat her on my lap. I said, “Katy, later this week Santa Claus is going to be bringing you your toys. Do you think being so rude to him is a good thing? Or are you O.K. with a stocking full of coal? This could end up putting you on the Naughty List.”

Katy: Fine.

She went into the other room and got in line. She was the last child to sit on Santa’s lap. When she did, here is what she said, arms crossed:

Katy: O.K. Since you can’t bring me a real hamster, I guess I’ll take one of the fake ones.

Santa glanced my way and I held up two fingers letting him know I had both twins covered.

Santa: Then since you’ve been a very good girl, I will make sure you get a Zhu Zhu hamster for Christmas.

The mother behind me hissed in my ear: Did he just promise you would get her Zhu Zhu pets? Is he nuts? Do you know how hard that will be?

I quietly explained they were already upstairs hiding behind my shoes and the guest calmed down.

I would never have had the nerve to brush off Santa Claus the way Katy had that night. But Katy knew she’d been good and knew what she wanted. In the end, the fake hamsters showed up like promised, and all was right with the world. Santa will be coming back this year. I wonder what Katy will say this time.

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