Donald Trump and Starbucks

Most of you know I do a lot of my writing at Starbucks. With news Donald Trump feels we should boycott the coffee chain over their minimalist holiday cups, I thought it time to speak up.

I’m a Christian. Snowflakes, snowmen and the occasional ornament, don’t symbolize Christ to me, so the fact they are NOT on a cup of coffee does not change the season. If Starbucks truly wanted to marginalize the holiday season, wouldn’t they not change their cups at all? When I saw the red cups, I thought “it’s holiday time”.

It is this type of outrage over absolutely nothing which make it hard to convince those on the fence when it comes to faith. If you want to focus on what matters this holiday season, volunteer at a soup kitchen, start a coat drive to help those who can’t afford to dress their children warmly, call a family friend or relative to check in on them. Concentrate on what the season means, NOT what is or is not on the side of a coffee cup.

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