Merry Christmas

If you want to know the moment you become an adult, I believe it’s when time starts to speed up. Perhaps it’s as simple as our days are filled with inconsequential things like picking up milk at the store, remembering to get the kids to softball practice by six or any of a dozen other mundane tasks and our memories don’t imprint themselves like they do when we are children when we might spend hours with grass between our toes or lying on a blanket in the backyard counting the stars until we drift off to sleep. Maybe it’s our brains way of dealing with our own impending mortality, as the lack of time we have left starts to roll around in our subconscious. Who really knows. All I know is it happens.

It seems Thanksgiving was only a day or two ago. Halloween only a few days before that, and the days wishing for the end to the summer heat but a few weeks ago, instead of the actual months it has been. Now it’s Christmas Eve and the biggest day of the year for some, certainly the most anticipated for most, is only a few hours away and I have decided to hit the pause button on the fast forward moving time machine in my head to take a moment and reflect.

I am blessed to be surrounded by family and friends who make life a joy. Certainly, there are moments of frustration and disappointment, but even during those times there are people in my life who lift me up and carry me on and I want to say thank you.

Thank you.

Tomorrow, I hope each of you have a Merry Christmas. May God bless you and your families and keep you safe this holiday season. The day will be over before you know it. Slow it down and take a moment and enjoy it.


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