The End of a Sugar Love Affair

Starting the new year, my wife and I needed to find new doctors, as we were made medical nomads with the closing of our previous medical office. When we found a doctor to allow us to join the fam, part of our sign up process was to have lab work drawn and I got mine done a bit over a week ago.

When the doctors office called they said all my numbers were great but one: my blood sugar levels. I now had diabetes. Like many I know it deals with blood sugar and insulin issues, but past that, I’d never paid much attention. Here is the full definition: a disease in which the body’s ability to produce or respond to the hormone insulin is impaired, resulting in abnormal metabolism of carbohydrates and elevated levels of glucose in the blood and urine.

In other words, I was screwed. Those of you who know me personally know I am bit over weight. That’s like calling the Pope a bit Catholic. I am grossly over weight. I’ve known for years I need to lose weight but there is a lot of freedom in being fat. If you are stressed, then there is nothing better than a greasy cheeseburger. Hankering for a Dairy Queen blizzard? Get a large one. A Butter Bar blizzard is my favorite.  Already had a full meal but want several pieces of white birthday cake? There’s nothing to slow you down.  After all, you are only showing the birthday person how much you LOVE their birthday, right?

Until you meet up with Mr. Diabetes. And when he comes calling he brings a suitcase full of bad things with him. According to the Mayo Clinic some of the complications of long term diabetes are cardiovascular disease, nerve damage, kidney damage, eye damage, foot damage, skin conditions, hearing impairment and Alzheimer’s disease. None of which are a walk in the park.

My doctor has given me ninety days to lose weight and control my diet. For the last week I’ve been on complete lock down when it comes to my consumption of sugar and fatty foods. I exercise every day and I WILL get the weight off and control my blood sugar levels.

Several years ago I had chest pains and was admitted to the hospital. They ran every test known to man, including a heart stress test and echo cardiogram. When the heart doctor came in he said, “You’re an idiot.”

Instead of being insulted, I was amused. When I enquired why, he replied, “You’re blood pressure is 120 over 80, your cholesterol level is 118, your resting heart rate is 65, your stress test got better the longer you went and you have no blockages anywhere. You are going to die of something, but it won’t be heart disease. You’ve been blessed genetically but if you don’t lose the weight, this will all change. Stop being an idiot.”

Not only was he a doctor, but he was a prophet. Several  years later diabetes has come to take up residence in my body, but in the end it might be the best thing that ever happened to me health wise. The fear of the complications of diabetes has managed to get me to do all the things family, friends and doctors could not, which is take control of my health.

I have  not had any processed sugar in a week. The only bread that has passed past my lips are two slices of wheat toast and a wheat bun, and I eat skinless white meat, fish and lots and lots of green vegetables.  I am already down 11.5 pounds since the diagnosis and I have 115 more pounds to go. I will make regular updates. This time next  year I will look much different. And I will have diabetes to thank for it.

6 thoughts on “The End of a Sugar Love Affair

  1. lilylou98

    Thank you for this! I too am diabetic. My hubby and I went sugar-free Jan 1. Both diabetic, both hypertensive. I’m admittedly an addicted and like you, determined to change. I needed a boost. This was it. Thanks!!

  2. Connie

    You got this Tony…. last year I removed the white foods( sugar, bread, rice, potatoes and some dairy) from my diet… my motivation was a wedding I attended. It was the best I felt in a long time, dropped weight… had energy!…. so I know it works for me… its not easy… and since I have fell off the wagon again. The breads, potatoes, and sweets… I am addicted to yummy food. So I am going to give it another go… wishing you good luck and I will check back in how its going!

  3. I have it too. With a healthy diet I have avoided taking medication for 8 years now. The only thing I have a problem with is exercising. I really hate exercising. But now I’m concentrating on getting busy with it because I know I can’t go on without at least moving around more than I do. An 80% plant based diet is what I’ve been using. I rarely have sugar cravings anymore. I’ll be darned if I allow Big Pharma to shove another pill in my mouth!

  4. Thanks for sharing your story, Joanna. Every story of success is motivation for me to get this done. I would guess I am about 80 percent as well. One good thing going for me is I DO like exercise. When I do it. Now I do it several times a day.

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