Lauren felt moved enough by the mass shootings in Dayton and El Paso to write the following essay:

This is bad. How could we let this happen? Come on, don’t you people see this shouldn’t happen. Not in thirteen hours, not never. But yet it has. In this year alone, more people have died from gun shootings than from 9/11. That’s terrible.

My rage is indescribable.

America, YOU are failing me. Don’t let me down. Fix what you see is wrong.

I was among the first generation of kids who had to worry about shooters coming into our schools. In 2018, my family experienced first-hand an active gun shooting at work. One of my family members had to save a co-worker while at the same time being absolutely terrified that he would be shot next. Can you imagine that?

And throughout my middle and high school years, I was almost put into a situation where we thought there was a school shooter. The first time the culprits were caught early. The second time it was just a terrible rumor. But there were police everywhere in my school. I was unable to leave. That’s a scary situation. And that is hard.

For crying out loud. 20 were killed, and 26 injured: at a Walmart. A place I shop at.

So what are we going to do about it? I ask this question of America. What will my future be like? Will I die like thousands of others in a shooting? Or will we change that fate, of what so many of our citizens will encounter?

I say something has to be done. But after all, this is just said by a girl. Like millions of others, I ponder if you will actually heed the warnings before it is too late. Too late for this country to come back from the destruction it is putting on itself, and its people. For there have been 251 mass shootings this year, and two mass shootings in thirteen hours.

We the people, the people of the United States of America, must unite so mass shootings never happen again. And not wait for the next generation.

America…. I’m speaking to you!

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