The Hand of God Ten Year Anniversary

Ten years ago today, The Hand of God was released by Hydra Publications and my life was forever changed. The first book in the Victor McCain thrillers hit #1 on Amazon and thankfully readers asked for more.

Ten years ago I went from and unpublished author to published and now I own a publishing company, signed contracts for two streaming shows, signed a contract on my first solo screenplay and have the career this poor spelling country boy always wanted, but though he’d never have. I know my former teachers are both proud and amused. Mainly about the fact I can now spell amused.

I can’t thank enough Lynn Tincher, Frank Hall and Dave Mattingly, the three publishers who all offered to publish the Hand of God. You guys gave me the push to get it done.

I cannot begin to list all the wonderful writers and publishers I now count among my friends as I’d be here all day. To all of you, I say thank you.

And to all the fans of Victor and Samantha you are the real reason I get to keep doing this. Wow. Your support is why I have this career. When I finally go over the rainbow, I will go doing what I love for a living and that’s the greatest gift of all. And it’s all because of you, the reader.

Thank you

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